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Drasilta is the final boss and true mastermind being the upcoming pangalactic war in Star Wrecker. After the events of Star Wrecker, all of her systems are destroyed by the Empire, resulting in the death of all life on Planet Drasilta.

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Drasilta's talent being "Creating and sustaining life" refers to her role on her planet. Drasilta is responsible for all living beings on her planets and have the duty to sustain said lifeforms. As seen in the Stage X of Star Wrecker, without her to maintain it, the entire ecosystem of her planet collapses in a rather short amount of time.

Other than her ability, Drasilta is incredibly powerful. MR_FROG stated that, at full power, Drasilta is near invincible and that you would need a nuke to take her down. Drasilta is also the one who rebuilt Holly Wood's body, with all of the powerful weaponery it possess, so it is safe to assume that she have access to such weaponery as well.

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Lady Drasilta's name comes from Yggdrasil, the norse World Tree, which is referenced in the last tech attack of her boss fight in Star Wrecker.

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  • Every A.I. is tasked with managing a specific region of her planet.
  • Each A.I. have an individual consciousness but because they've been networked together for so long, their individual personas kind of melded into one. However, each of her servers would be perfectly capable of functioning on its own and each is a different person with a different personality.
  • When encountered in Star Wrecker, they are speaking as one, because every A.I. is trying to stop the player.
  • MR_FROG described them as a Gestalt.

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