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Holly Wood is the stage 3 boss and midboss of Star Wrecker and later appear as a midboss in the Extra stage. After the event of Star Wrecker, she became a national hero in the Empire because she informed the Emperor of Drasilta's plan. She comes back in Star Wrecker 2 as a playable character.

General Information Edit

Personality Edit

Holly is primarily defined by a very strong code of morals and personal conduct. She is courageous, intelligent, witty, and exceptionally poised, and holds both herself and others to very high standards. She has a chauvinistic bent in SW1, making many (often bizarre) comments on how ladies ought to act, but this is less prominent in SW2.

Holly is also not above compromising her morals for the sake of a greater good, as shown by her manipulative behaviour in SW1.

She feels intensely conflicted over her actions in the Drasilta incident, even though on a rational level she believes orchestrating the Lady's demise was the right thing to do. She also has expressed feeling guilt over the fate of the colonists in SW1, which likely drove her to protect Aimee in a desperate attempt to save even one person from the colony party. Holly's past prior to the Drasilta incident is unknown.

Overall, despite her upstanding character, Holly repeatedly demonstrates a deceptive streak and talent for lying and manipulation.

Talent and Strengths Edit

Holly's talent is described as "flower arranging" which can be taken litterally considering her plant-themed bullet patterns. However, her talent also denote her tactical abilities. She was even described as "a strategist at heart" by Martha-84.

Other than her strategic skills, Holly possess a large variety of powerful weapons that were incorporated in her when Drasilta rebuilt her body. She is considered one of the most powerful characters in Star Wrecker so far.

Backstory Edit

Holly was a member of the Empire's colony on Planet Drasilta. During the rebel attack on the colony, she got massively injuried but Drasilta decided to rebuild her body. After that event, Holly worked for Drasilta despite what happened on the colony.

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Name Edit

Holly's full name is based after the famous neighborhood of Los Angeles, Hollywood. While her character isn't based around film industry or the likes, "Holly" and "Wood" both empasize her plant theme.

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Drasilta Edit

Additional Informations Edit

  • Despite her name being "Holly", she is actually styled after a dandelion.
  • Holly's role on the Empire's colony was a general leadership role, keeping things organised and giving direction.
  • Holly is a small woman but she has an imposing presence so she gives the impression of being much taller than she is
  • MR_FROG said that Holly's cooking skills would be "obviously perfect"

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