Planet Drasilta is a now dead planet on the edge of Rebel territory. It was the home planet of Drasilta and HR-8177

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Star Wrecker

Planet Drasilta was the setting of both stage 4 and X of Star Wrecker. The locations of stage 5 and 6 are also part of this planet.

During the Drasilta Incident, the planet was in a state of emergency as the heroes arrived, and gave weapons to the robots and worker drones as they were told the planet was going to be destroyed by the heroes. The heroes fight HR-8177 as the stage 4 midboss and boss, who later help the heroes in hope they can reason Lady Drasilta into stopping the war.

Then events of the Extra Stage takes place after the death of Lady Drasilta and the death of the living organism on the planet. A strange signal was received from the dead planet and the heroes goes back there to discover the source of the signal. They encounter Holly Wood as the stage midboss, who tries to stop them, saying they are in grave danger. After defeating Holly, the heroes continue searching and fall into a trap who was set up by Aimee, who tried to impersonate another protagonist before their real identity was revealed. The heroes fight the replica as the Extra Boss and after defeating her, she flee from the planet with a backup of Drasilta's datas.

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