This is a list of all that appear in Star Wrecker.

Playable Characters Edit

SW1 James00

James Berry
Playable Character

Style: Balanced
Good shot spread.
Consistent damage.
Good balance or control and speed.
Good for novices!

Seeks out enemies automatically.
Can't go wrong with that!

SW1 Ursula00

Ursula Ripley
Playable Character

Style: Fast
Speedy movement.
Powerful options but they need careful aim.
Requires some skill.

Cross Plasma
Short reach, but long invincibility.
Good for attack, good for defense.

SW1 Lucas00

Lucas Newton
Playable Character

Style: Heavy
Supreme damage!
Awkward handling.
Crowds are a problem.
For experts.

Jade Megavolt
Gets stronger with more options!
Poor defensively.

Enemy Characters Edit

SW GiantRemote00

Giant Remote
Stage 1 Midboss

SW1 Crash00
Unfortunate Pilot

Stage 1 Boss and Stage 6 Midboss

SW1 Jdek00
Space Pirate

Stage 2 Midboss and Stage 2 Boss

SW1 Holly00
Elegant Cyborg

Holly Wood
Stage 3 Midboss, Stage 3 Boss and Stage X Midboss

SW1 HR00
Overworked Homunculus

Stage 4 Midboss, Stage 4 Boss and Helper in Stage 5, 6 and X

SW1 Martha00
Repurposed Robot Maid

Stage 5 Midboss and Stage 5 Boss

SW1 Drasilta00

Final Boss

SW1 Aimee01
Hidden Mastermind

James Berry
Stage X Boss (Fake)

SW1 Aimee02
Hidden Mastermind

Ursula Ripley
Stage X Boss (Fake)

SW1 Aimee03
Hidden Mastermind

Lucas Newton
Stage X Boss (Fake)

SW1 Aimee00
Blasphemous Replica

Stage X Boss

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