This is a list of all that appear in Star Wrecker 2.

Playable Characters Edit

SW2 James00
Easygoing Mercenary

James Berry
Playable Character

Style: Balanced
His mobility is okay, his handling is okay, his damage is okay, and his shot spread is okay. A pretty "okay" kind of guy. Good for normal people.

"An attack on a mining colony?
Something seems fishy. ...Eh, I guess whatever happens, happens."

A 3-way energy burst -- The outer streams home in on enemies. Okay damage, okay invincibility and easy to use. There's not much more to it.

SW2 Ursula00
Black-Hearted Ruffian

Ursula Ripley
Playable Character

Style: Fast
The very fastest! Her focused speed is also fast, but it's still fairly easy to control. Her shot is quite strong, but only fires straight ahead. Good for impatient people.

"Monsters from the depth of the earth? Man! I bet they'll give me a heck of a fight!!"

Cross Plasma
An intense burst of plasma in all directions. The range is short, but it does more damage the closer you are, and you're invincible for quite a while. Get in there and make 'em cry!

SW2 Lucas00
Silly Man

Lucas Newton
Playable Character

Style: Heavy
Decent speed, but very hard to steer, even when focused. His shot is ruinously strong, but the slow firing rate makes accuracy vital. A silly shot for silly people.

"I'm just here to rubberneck, to be perfectly honest."

Jade Megavolt
Charges, then fires 4 massive energy blasts straight forward. Unparalleled damage, but the duration and responsivity are very poor.

SW2 HR00
Planet-Killing Homunculus

Playable Character

Style: Laid-Back
Slow, but that's not always a bad thing! Their options automatically takes aim at enemies, but might miss erratically-moving targets. Their shots do more damage from far away. For lazy people of all skill levels.

"Wow! My very first mission! ...Um, where are we going?"

Grey Phalanx
Places drones in a defensive formation. They stay in place to block bullets and provide covering fire. Excellent duration and damage over time, but little burst power and the invincibility time is very short.

SW2 Holly00
Elegant Cyborg

Holly Wood
Playable Character

Style: Precise
Good mobility and handling, and a small hitbox to boot. Options converge a bit ahead of her -- hitting with all of them does big damage but lining that up might be hard. For people confident in their ability.

"I've been hand-selected to lead this mission. A lady never disappoints!"

Poppy Lullaby
Scatters slow moving flowers all around. Low damage, but provides excellent defensive cover.

SW2 Crash00
Unlucky Would-Be Rebel

Playable Character

Style: Reckless
Excellent mobility, but poor handling. His options shoot wildly -- get close for big damage! For thrill-seekers. Can a stage 1 boss really be a hero!?

"To think i'd be made to work for the Empire! There has to be a way to escape..!"

Drop Bomber
Fearlessly charges straight ahead. If you hit something, the screen is blitzed with an explosion! If you don't... Well. A potent attack, but using it haphazardly might backfire.

Enemy Characters Edit

SW GiantRemote00

Giant Remote
Stage 1 Midboss and Stage 3 Midboss

SW2 Nansar00
Heretic Preacher

Nansar Na-Sansar
Stage 1 Boss

SW2 Victor00
Hero of Justice!!

Victor LeBeau
Stage 2 Midboss and Stage 2 Boss

SW2 Scott00
Shining White Knight

Annoying Idiot

Scott Ripley
Stage 3 Boss

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