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Star Wrecker is a bullet hell shooter game made by a single person, MR_FROG.

The first game features a full-fledged cast of 10 characters (3 playables, 7 bosses) in a 6-stages main game and a extra stage. Here's the description given by the creator in the official download site:

Star Wrecker is a sci-fi themed bullet hell game in the vein of Touhou Project or Dodonpachi. You, the player, are pitted against waves of increasingly-tough enemies which barrage the playing field with massive amounts of bullets -- sometimes hundreds can be onscreen at a time! Don't despair too much, though -- as long as the bullets don't touch your "hit box" -- a tiny circle in the middle of your character -- you're safe. Your goal is to survive to the end of the game, and rack up as many points as possible![1]

The demo of the second game (Star Wrecker 2: They Came from Below!!) is currently available, featuring 6 playables characters and 3 new characters.

You can find all sorts of stuff related to the game in this wikia and upcoming news about the sequel!

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